reSET Sobriety App Approved By FDA

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In a bold move that could revolutionize how we approach substance use disorders (SUD), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the marketing of a mobile medical app called reSET. The reSET sobriety app is the first of its kind.

About the reSET App

The reSET app was developed by U.S.-based Pear Therapeutics, a prescription digital therapeutics company. The FDA press release states that reSET is “intended to be used with outpatient therapy to treat alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and stimulant SUDs […] and uses a series of incentives to reward patients for adherence to their treatment program.”

reSET contains a “patient application and clinician dashboard.” Cognitive behavioral therapy is delivered to the patient and teaches skills to aid SUD treatment. The intention is to increase substance abuse abstinence and increase outpatient therapy retention.


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